Checkups & Cleanings

While it is suggested everyone receives regular dental checkups and cleanings, we may fall behind due to nerves or a busy work schedule. The months may pass and we forget to schedule a checkup or we may be too nervous to visit the dentist to find out why our tooth has been aching.

There are a couple ways to avoid these mishaps such as scheduling your next appointment during your visit, if you tend to forget. If you find yourself reluctant to schedule a visit due to being a fearful patient you should know the more frequently you visit, the less likely you are to develop or miss a potentially serious dental issue. By informing your Winnipeg dentist of your concerns beforehand, they can work to ease your fears during the appointment.

During your Dental Cleaning and Checkup

A number of things will happen during your appointment. Primarily during your visit, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth. These x-rays are going to be used for a wide number of reasons, but it is mainly to make sure that your teeth, the roots, and gums are all healthy and without any cause for concern.

During your appointment, a dental assistant will also clean your teeth. Specialized tools will be used, which comfortably clean deep into your teeth and gums to remove plaque, tartar, and build up. All of which can create potential challenges down the road. These cleanings are typically pain-free and quick.

Your dentist may also offer to perform a fluoride treatment. These treatments add a layer of protection and make sure your teeth are as clean as possible. They have been known to help prevent the development of issues like cavities, making this treatment highly recommended for individuals who have suffered from these infections in the past.

While this can sound overwhelming and like you will need a whole day for your checkup, the process is fairly quick and your dentist will have you in and out in no time. In addition to these checks, your Winnipeg dentist will also:

  • Confirm proper teeth alignment, checking for overbidding or swallowing issues
  • Look over the health of gums
  • Review your medical history and update any changes, as well as discuss relevant areas that may affect oral health
  • Confirm there are no signs or symptoms of disease, oral cancer for example
  • Complete x-rays
  • Clean and polish teeth by removing tartar, plaque, and stains
  • Possible fluoride treatment

If you are fearful of visiting the dentist or have realized it has been a while since your last checkup, be sure to schedule an appointment with your Winnipeg dental clinic. We suggest scheduling an appointment every 6 months.


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