Laser Dentistry

With advancing technology, it only makes sense that our Winnipeg dentist capabilities become more effective and efficient. One of the newest advances in dental technology is laser dentistry. Laser dentistry has a number of benefits to both the health and cosmetic appearance of your teeth, making it a highly desirable for a number of procedures.

How Laser Dentistry is Used

  • To Find Cavities – One way laser dentistry is utilized is by finding cavities. Using a low invasive laser, a dentist will now be able to predict early onset of cavities. Allowing you to dedicate more time to certain areas to slow the progression.
  • Dental Fillings – Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dental procedure without the need of anesthetic or a drill? With a laser, a filling can be completed without any sort of invasive procedures necessary.
  • Sensitive Teeth – Using a laser, a dentist can help eliminate tooth sensitivity. This is done by closing off the tubules, which are located on the root of your teeth and attribute to many sensitivity issues.
  • Reshape Gums – Many cosmetic issues arise around the gums. If you find you have a fairly gummy smile, lasers can help reshape the gums improving the appearance of your smile.
  • Cold Sores – When using low intensity, dentists can help reduce the pain of cold sores and promote healing, making them more bearable especially for individuals who often suffer from this bacteria.
  • Some Other Treatments: Lengthen the look of your teeth, help babies or children with oral muscle challenges, adjust poor denture fittings, remove benign tumors, and whiten teeth.

The popularity of laser dentistry is on the rise and can be used to help a number of individuals. If you find that laser dentistry may help improve the health or cosmetic appearance of your teeth, talk with your Winnipeg dentist at Greenwoods Dental about our laser dentistry capabilities.


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